Indian Tomato Chicken Recipe

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Indian Tomato Chicken is one of the easiest chicken recipes to make. It can be prepared using various ingredients like onions, garlic, ginger, sauces etc. A special recipe of this type is called “Maach-Paneer”. This delicious Indian chicken recipe is very easy and simple to prepare.

How To Make Indian Tomato Mixture Recipe

Indian tomato chicken recipe was originally prepared

By using tomatoes that were crushed and mixed with spices and black oil.

Now days, this Indian chicken recipe has been modified

and it is cooked using frozen,

Dry tomatoes that are easily available at the supermarket.

To make a perfect Indian chicken recipe using these fresh tomatoes,

it is necessary to crush and mix them before blending.

This makes the sauce very smooth and creamy.

The spices that are mixed in the mixture help in giving an extraordinary flavor to the recipe.

Indian Tomato Chicken Recipe. Indian poultry dishes such as “Tandoori Chicken”, ” Chapatis” and ” paneer” are enhanced with the use of this tangy, spicy and tasty sauce. This recipe is loved by every Indian cuisine lover and is commonly included in Indian curries and chicken recipes. It pairs well with various types of Indian curries and chicken dishes. Even “Indian Fish Recipes” also use this delicious sauce in order to enhance its flavor.

This Indian chicken curry recipe is one of the most popular and widely used Indian recipes all around the world. The recipe has a variety of Indian spices that make it a popular favorite. To make sure that this delicious Indian chicken curry recipe is cooked on the right way, it is essential to read through the instructions properly. This guarantees that you get the best out of the recipe. The recipe may vary from one place to another and so it is necessary to study the different recipe sites in order to find out the exact procedure to follow for preparing this dish.

To make a perfect Indian chicken curry, a pinch of turmeric should be mixed with enough mustard seeds to make a mix. After this mixture, all you need to do is blend in the ground beef along with some grounded cloves of garlic. You have to blend these two ingredients together until they become a paste like consistency. You can add the whole lot of chopped tomatoes in the mixture after this.

Indian Tomato Chicken Recipe

Cook the chicken in oil over 3 hours ago, if you want to make sure that you get the best out of the recipe. Keep adding water or else the paste will become dry. Cover the lid and let the sauce cook for another 3 hours after which you can remove the chicken from the cooker. The sauce will turn out to be thick thus it is essential that you keep it from heating up for an extended period of time. Use the remaining liquid to rinse the vegetables that were used in this recipe.


Make tomato masala by combining 2 teaspoons of tomato paste with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of rock salt.

This makes a very good and authentic Indian chicken recipe.

Start off by cooking the ingredients separately for about ten minutes so that you can create the flavor flavors completely.

Add the tomatoes and onions in one large bowl and cover the whole thing with masala sauce.

Indian spicy cuisine is famous for the amount of spices that are used in it. Indian tomato curries are famous all over the world not only for their delicious taste but also because of the authentic way in which they are prepared. It is essential to use authentic Indian spices while preparing any Indian recipe. These authentic Indian spices can be found in your local stores or on the Internet.


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